Zoohistorica - International meeting of collectors of zoo literature and memorabilia


32nd international meeting of collectors of zoo literature and memorabilia
, 10th to 11th September 2022

32. internationales Treffen der Sammler von allem rund um die Tiergärtnerei
Praha, 10. bis 11. September 2022

32ème rencontre internationale des collectionneurs de documents zoologiques
Prague, 10 au 11 septembre 2022



NOTE: The official dinner has been removed from the program, in favour for a longer time for an exchange and a guided tour. Zoo Praha has numerous places where you can eat well. So everyone can choose a place and time and company to eat dinner without any time restrictions.

SATURDAY (September 10th)

7:00 (exchange session) – starting from this hour the gates to reach the Education Centre by car will be opened and will remain so until 9.00. It is possible to drive up very close to the Education Centre but after unloading, all cars must be moved back into the car park before 9:00. Of course the same gates and way can be used by all participants without a car, with theirs own trolleys or without. The participants can also enter the zoo through the main visitors entrance. As many years of experience have taught us, there is no point in setting an official start time for an exchange session. Just first come - first served!

Between 9:00-10:00 – very possibly visit of director Miroslav Bobek with a short welcome speech. Immediately after with director M.Bobek we will go out to take a group photo (the place is not yet determined, but probably close to the Education Centre).

12:30 – end of the exchange session.

12:30-14.30 – so called free time. At that time the zoo, especially around the educational center, is crowded with visitors. So it will not be possible to drive a car to collect the heavy boxes. Most likely there will be 1 or 2 electric carts with drivers available for us, to help us move all our belongings to the car park. But there is a possibility to leave your boxes and/or other luggage at education center until Sunday noon! But no cars will be allowed on Sunday! As there is no official dinner this time can be used to have a dinner on your own.

14:30-18:00 – the guided tour(s). Meeting point right by the Education Centre. Unfortunately there will be no German speaking guide. And unfortunately the previously announced tour of the new gorilla pavilion is not 100% certain. Prague Zoo will soon have two new gorillas (male from Schmiding and female from Cabarceno) who will establish a new breeding group. The decision will be made after the introduction of these new gorillas into the pavilion.

18:00–21:00 – auction will be held at the Education Centre (the same place as the morning exchange). The money will go to the Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal. A short presentation of the project is planned. The bidding will go on in € - but the payment can be made also in CZK (1 € = 25 CZK). Each participant will have their own individual number on the back of the ID tag – so the person who makes notes will not need to know you by names.

SUNDAY (September 11th)

We can see pangolins! We received a permission from director M.Bobek. Officially pangolins are fed from 8:30, with the lights on. At 9:00 the lights are switched to the night mode. The corridor at the pangolins exhibit is narrow, so the whole group (60 or even only 40 people) will not fit at one time. So already now, I am calling for a calm and disciplined behavior so everyone can see the pangolins. Meeting at the main visitors entrance to the zoo Sunday (September 10) at 8:00. Unofficial farewell meeting - those who would like to, can meet around 12:00-13:00 at Ocean Restaurant for unofficial farewell.


The cost of the participation is 30 € (750 CZK). The price includes: catering during exchange session and auction, preparation of ID badges and printing the group photo, which will be delivered to all participants during evening auction. The parking fee is not included! Payment upon registration in cash – 30€ or 750 CZK.

For ALL seniors 65+ - all means of transport in Prague (trams, buses and metro) are free!


Individual ID badges will be prepared for all registered participants. The ID badges will authorize you to enter the zoo. They will be available for pick-up on Friday (September 9th) noon at the Information Centre by the main entrance. Or of course on Saturday morning at the registration desk. Free entry will be valid starting Friday at noon, through Saturday and Sunday.

If you decide to participate in the last minute, you can come even without registration. We'll make it somehow.

See you soon!

Klara Pokorna (at Prague Zoo) - Klara.Pokorna@zoopraha.cz
Leszek Solski (at Wroclaw Zoo) - zoopraha2022@zoo.wroc.pl




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